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I need help
24.05.2019 by User67008A95

Lately I have had struggle showing emotions, to the point I have to fake my emotions by laughing at times other people laugh and copying their emotions so I don’t just sit there with a straight face. From when I was young I have really struggled to find anything funny or to laugh at stuff...My emotions are only anger or sadness...I have been depressed for a long time and wonder if this is common? I took the test and I show a lot of the symptoms but I do sometimes get a little sad seeing others cry..Is there something that makes you unable to show emotions or deeply feel emotions for yourself and have emotions only when other people are crying?

12.07.2019 by Tony_Sandy

Depression, anger and sadness go together (the second is frustration). I have seen photos of myself in social situations, where I am smiling and I look really out of it. I can and do laugh at things but it is usually online with internet friends. I find social situations noisy and awkward, full of shouting and simplistic conversations. I think that I am too sensitive for the hubbub.

18.09.2019 by User84512F75

I feel exactly the same way. I have started feeling anger is my only emotion. This is causing a lot of problems for my wife and I. I feel like I am a walking zombie when it comes to feeling compassion, happiness, or anything remotely positive.