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Could I have Alexithymia?
14.11.2019 by User23283J65

Hi, would appreciate some advice if possible. I am currently looking into the fact I have possible Autism. I was speaking there about sharing feelings assuming this was an aspect of potential Autism and Alexithymia was suggested.

I have little emotional awareness of what I feel. I can identify anxeity and fear (too well!) but other emotions not so much. There is an element of numbness to that. The other thing is I do not value emotion, I have a more vulcan approach, I work from a logical framework and make decisions on that basis. I cant fathom making decisions on an emotional basis and kinda see that as foolish (emotions always change). I am quite good at recognising the emotions of others, not so good at why they might be feeling that way.

For me emotions are something mostly unfelt or misunderstood, I could never express what I am feeling or if understood how I would express it isnt there. I also dont see what the point of such a conversation, it wouldnt gain or achieve anything.

Is this is the experience others have? Anything similar?

17.11.2019 by Leland_Eggleston

I am coming from the other side of this, where I am autistic but was asked if I may have alexithymia as well. I scored 185 out of 185 on the alex test and am looking into it more.