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11.12.2020 by User52540A33

I got 157 in the test. I dont know if I really have it, just guiding my self through the test.
I feel for one side reliefed, because I was thinking for a long time that I was a psycopath.
I really dont want to search for medical help, I dont thing I'm embaressed or something around that, but I simply dont know why I dont want, is it normal?
I think this is been the main cause of why my relationships didnt work out all of them got finished because they feel me far away emotionally. Can I do something to improve that? Because I met a girl and I don´t know what I feel for her, I feel like I might like her but I think I dont know what it is like liking someone. Sometimes I think about her but I don´t know really what I feel for her (as im writting this im getting a bit frustrated), because how dont I know if I like someone or not???? Continuing... she has been helping me kind off, with this. And sometimes I feel like I apreciate it but cant show it to her, but then I dont know if really like the help she is giving me.
Sorry if I didnt make any sense, I just have so many thoughts that is hard to keep track of all of them .
Sorry again if I gave any ortographic erros, but Im English isnt the language we speak here.