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Do I have Alexithymie or do I have a different problem?
31.01.2021 by xAveryx

I'm not sure if I really have alexithymie or if it's just something else. Btw I identify as ace, even though I don't know if it's because of the same reason why I'm now questioning if I have Alexi.
I don't really have problems with identifying other people's emotions and I think i can identify mine fairly well. What I am struggling with is understanding why they feel these emotions and feeling them myself.
When imagining that my mother or my close friends could die, I don't feel any sadness or desperation or anything at all. When I was younger, I more so felt bad that I didn't feel anything. And when my grandfather died, I also didn't feel any emotions. I only cried because I saw my mother being in despair and the display of emotions made me feel something too.
Generally, I don't feel anything when I see documentaries about refugees or people who struggle with other situations and I don't know why because I know that I should feel bad.
In my daily life I also don't have many "extreme" emotions, I'm neither sad nor happy, just normal / content and many things don't really bother my. That's why my mother said I was emotionally cold as a rock. But I noticed that I can feel more extreme emotions when I read books where the protagonists grieve because of a terrible loss or smthing else. So it isn't something i CAN'T feel. But in reality or with real people I never feel these emotions.
I don't know if it's because I have alexi or because I build an emotional wall inside of me. The Alexithymia Test said, I had 130 points btw. Maybe you could help me with these thoughts..:)

11.04.2022 by Ishtar

Hi, this sounds exactly like a mirror image of myself and my experiences, l am 100% sure l have undiagnosed Autism with Alexi. I too have been told l am an iceberg! It hurts and l am only realising l need to see my place in society as being, not one of the boxes society labels us/emotions. I had a breakdow recently and now can accept l am what l am - not happy, not sad but just me, justfloating somewhere inbetween. This helps me to move forward as me not what l should be, although l do have to 'mask' at times for my job in social care; if l do mask l require time to recover later on. Yet l seem to take on others feelings like an imprint, l have heard 'empath' being used. Am not sure this is right word to use, more like a sponge! This drains me and stops me entering society, and enjoying movies/tv. Everyones Alexi is different, if you have to question it, you most prob are

25.10.2022 by Hannahm

Hey, I was just reading through this and realizing that sounds just like me.
Like, I have literally had my Grandma and a classmate die, everyone cried or felt sad, even my friend who didn't even know the kid! Meanwhile I felt the exact same was as you. I literally knew I should be feeling bad, so I felt bad because I didn't (hope that makes sense).
Its so weird when you realize that someone is similar to yourself.
I have never got diagnosed or been to see anyone because I don't want to have the endless questions from my parents on why I think I have this problem, but I'm pretty sure I do. Your post (or whatever it's called) has confirmed this for me (having Alexi).