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Hello new here
25.05.2021 by User97640N27

Hello I’m new to the forum and just recently found out about Alexithymia at first it sounded like i could possibly relate to it and scored pretty high on the test, but after reading about how everyone else’s expiriences it and feels I’m not so sure haha. I guess it’s hard to explain typically how I feel but I’ll try to find the words. I know I have been told by a couple friends that I seem emotionally unavailable or like I lack emotion twords others I guess empathy. Even now when I think about How I feel my mind is blank on exactly what it is I feel only things I for sure can put a finger on is when I’m angry or fearful of somthing. Usually coming from pain in my chest or stomach and Iv always just related it to anxiety though or somthing. I also have body ach and muscle pains but they aren’t excruciatingly painful just uncomfortable I guess. Now with physical or sexual touch I would say I don’t really care about it I guess. If a friend were to hug me or hold my hand I would only really allow it to happen because I understand it’s for there own happiness or the way they show they love you not really because it makes me happy or anything. I also saw that Alexithymia is somewhat related to autism I think and Iv also always questioned it for me I have a over stimulating triggers like a reappearing sound or loud stuff for me it’s usually loud bags or scratching or multiple people chewing or speaking over each other. When I was younger I would have visuals such as seeing somthing and hearing it over and over in my head so fixating on somthing idk if this even matters for all of this but i guess I just had a lot of questions hahaha thank you for your time and I would love to hear back from someone.

27.05.2021 by User34830M97

In that case, you can hear from me. I only found out about alexithymia and its relation to autism spectrum disorder today. Welcome to the forum, fellow newbie!