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Where the questionnaire comes from
07.01.2012 by Ad

Where the questionnaire comes from
07.01.2012 by Ad

Quite some time ago I contacted the author of the questionnaire regarding a translation into German. This is what I got back and therefore I decided to create a page offering free access to this questionnaire hope to help others with it.

[quote:30yoqeed]Dear Roland,

The reason I seek permission requests is to remind the user that the instrument is not to be sold for profit. As you stated this is not your aim you have permission to translate and use the OAQ-G2 on your website. I would of course like you to provide me a URL link for your website so I can link to your translation to the English version (which will also provide you with higher traffic).

I look forward to reading the translation, which will be the first German version.

Kind regards,

Jason Thompson

Would be great to get some feedback about the questionnaire, how you are using it and what the results are (and what you think about them).

Kind regards,

need revised questions
05.03.2015 by DXS

I scored 109. It said I had POSSIBLE Alexithymia. However, each category showed nothing specific.

I think another question needs to be added.

"Does it take you 48 hours to two weeks to figure out that you feel anger at someone and do people not understand this?"

That is what I have struggled with my entire life. I cannot put a word to my feelings. So, thusly, the "feelings" affect me physically.

I'm unsure about my results and re:Where the questionnaire comes from
07.04.2017 by xkirigiria

I don't know what to feel about this.
I got a 171? What would that mean...?

The questions' origin intrigues me.
I never know what it is that I feel.
I rarely find any romantic interest in anyone.........

I wonder.... Is anyone glad their feels are "off"?
I sure am...

I wonder
15.06.2017 by sef

I got 131 highly likely to have it something like that and it is questionably intriguing to want to know how I was giving this number what variables were taken into account and what kind of probability is put into question with each question depending on if you answer strongly agree agree undecided disagree or strongly disagree.