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People Assume I Don't Have Emotions
27.07.2017 by ImAlwaysSayingIDK

I usually face this issue with romantic partners, especially the more emotionally attached ones. They assume that just because I don't express my emotions verbally, especially emotions like love and admiration, then that must mean I don't hold those feelings at all. Just because I can't identify or express my emotions, that doesn't mean my emotions aren't as real and present as yours.

10.08.2017 by AdrielleM

I pass for the same thing, for me is really hard in relationships because everyone just assume that I am cold, and don't care about their emotions, but in fact I fell, but I can describy, I don't know exactly what those sensations may be.

22.08.2017 by CV

People assume the opposite for me. Just because I am not a complete robot in my interaction, they project their own emotional normality onto me, and give me all kinds of benefit of the doubt that is actually wildly inaccurate - like I'm JUST reserved, that REALLY, I care as much as anyone else DEEP DOWN - when none of that is true emotionally for me at all. I find people prefer to lie to themselves about what is really going on here than accept the fact that those emotions are not there, and what that means.

15.09.2018 by Jute

People tend to judge others, according to their own standards. If they feel upset or happy about something they seem to automatically assume that others will feel the same way as they do.They therefore ascribe their own emotions to others, even to people who don't have them at all.

21.06.2019 by User57113P49

I want to feel something so bad and stop hurting my love ones. I’m not a cold hearted person and I don’t want to be but how can I feel. Is there even a such thing as teaching someone how to feel emotion?

14.08.2019 by User39287A24

I get that from my mom a lot, ever since my mind snapped as a child, when my grandfather walked out and left me homeless on the streets. I show emotions, just not in the normal way that others would. I'm forever bullied on it, and it hurts. It's hard telling her that i can't tell if I'm angry or sad but she labels me on what she wants me to be. It often hurts, and I end up screaming at her. We are so strained, we barely talk. My fiance who cares about me, has a hard time, but after reading this ended up holding me tightly. He said the words that I've always wanted to hear, I'm not leaving you. I accept you. He is going to be explaining to our friends about this, so they can understand about how my brain works too. I wish I knew about this as a child because it would have made it so much easier, rather than you feel like your going insane.